The ProMeme Process

The first challenge
To start off with we need to understand the nature of the challenge you want to work on so we will work with you to define the challenge and identify some experts who could provide different perspectives on the topic. Then we will go away and beaver away behind the scenes to prepare for the first workshop event.

The right mode of operation
ProMeme can be delivered in a number of ‘modes’:- on-line, workshop and conference. For small groups the workshop format is ideal, providing an intimate environment for your participants to work in and a cost effective way to engage everyone. For larger groups the conference mode allows for a wider scope of challenges and interventions to be introduced. There are also specific knowledge transfer modes.

Capture the BIG idea
Whichever mode is most appropriate, we make sure that the environment is optimised to allow creative ideas to flow from the participants. As well as the BIG idea that is generated, all ideas are captured and you start to build-up a database of corporate wisdom, tagged for relevance and which is available to inform future workshops to expand the ideas generated.

You take it from here
Once we have helped you embed the process with you people, we are happy to hand over the reins to you to keep using ProMeme and adding to your corporate wisdom database (we call it a knowledge cube).