ProMeme is a new, challenge based knowledge transfer process, based on the premise that there is an un-tapped reservoir of wisdom and expertise in every organisation. ProMeme had been developed as a tool to address the needs of the corporate world, however the process is founded on solid academic research and has applications in education, academia and the business world.

Knowledge transfer, knowledge capture; call it what you will, is becoming a major issue for the world’s large (and not so large) corporations.

The ‘baby-boomers’ that have been integral to a company’s operation and success over the past years are reaching retirement age; they are going take with them a fund of knowledge (that is not necessarily any operational manual); knowledge which will be lost to the company forever.

Corporations around the globe are recognising that they need to take steps to capture the knowledge they regard as something of a corporate asset. And there are many other organisations stepping forward to help that process, indeed most business consultancies have whole departments dedicated to addressing the issue. But knowledge transfer is not as straight-forward as it might seem.

The problem is working out which pieces of knowledge are worth keeping and which are not. It’s rather like trying to decide which of the hundreds of holiday photos snapped on your phone are worth hanging on to; the pictures that you will want to look at time and again verses the ones you will never look at again. Knowledge capture is the same; if you try and capture everything you end-up with unwieldy mass of knowledge that is next to useless.

The ProMeme approach is different. ProMeme will ‘plug-in’ to the corporate brain, mining the tacit knowledge within the business to address a specific challenge. ProMeme quickly focusses on relevant knowledge; filtering out the irrelevant as it does so. The result for the company is new thinking for the business, new initiatives to drive the company forward and a growing database of relevant, catalogued, transferred knowledge that can be easily accessed.

We at ProMeme are very excited to be at the forefront of bringing this process to our clients. We will regularly update this blog with new developments and various piece of ProMeme news that we can share, so please keep checking back from time to time (or follow our Twitter or Facebook pages for the latest alerts).