For the past thirty years our team have been at the forefront of delivering services to meet the communication needs for some of the world’s leading organisations and brands. Over time those needs have changed and we have led the way in creating new solutions.

The challenges facing organisations today are driven by the globalisation of their brands and businesses. It is increasingly more difficult to impart knowledge from the top down, let alone across borders.

Within any organisation, there is a wealth of un-tapped knowledge that just isn’t getting used or transferred for the benefit of the company as a whole. Knowledge that leaves the organisation, when it could instead be helping break into new markets, spreading best practice, training new teams effectively and having a positive impact on growth and profitability.

We developed ProMeme to tap into the knowledge and wisdom within the business and help organisations learn and act on their hard-earned experience and create game-changing new initiatives.

The ProMeme team pools expertise and experience from training, coaching, facilitation, event management, internal communications, business consultancy and academia.