ProMeme Connect

“Typically, over 75% of the value identified in strategic change
programs is lost through poor implementation”

Through our years of experience in corporate events, we have found that at the end of a conference, everyone is feeling energised and motivated, ready to hit the ground running when they get back to the office… But, we all know what happens; with the best will in the world, the pile-up of emails while people were away and the pressures of the daily grind all work to undermine that enthusiasm, and inevitably those conference initiatives fall by the wayside.

ProMeme Connect offers a way to keep that post-conference momentum going by helping to implement those co-created ideas that came out of the event, which is important in addressing and solving the challenges your company may be facing.

Real-time information delivered to any device gives executives the visibility and control they need to monitor the implementation of an initiative and keep it on-track; and because it’s cloud-based, the information can be accessed 24/7.

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ProMeme Connect means that the time spent at the conference will have been a worthwhile investment, not a waste; proven to increase profitability across organisations.