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Kieran O’Mahony recognised for neuroscience methodology

Kieran O’Mahony has been nominated for the Puget Sound Association of Phi Beta Kappa’s Pathfinder Award in recognition of his achievements to date in introducing neuroscience-based learning methodologies to classrooms in the US.

Here is the notification that appeared in the PSA PBK newsletter announcing the nomination:-

T. Kieran O’Mahony, Pd.D. of the UW Life Center and ICNtl, LLC for his work on the Synap2Brane methodology and software, which is a neuroscience-based teaching and learning methodology. Kieran has worked tirelessly to “teach the teachers” how to apply Synap2Brane in their classrooms, working with 1,500+ teachers while he continues to seek funding to develop the software. ICNtl seeks to foster a supportive, healthy learning environment that recognizes all students learn at different rates with different levels of support.