Firstly, what is Innovation?

Innovation can be best described as the commercial exploitation of ideas. This implies that innovation will need to combine creative thought with the ability to implement successfully. Ideas must also encompass all aspects of business performance improvement – not just products and services.

Whilst face-to-face meetings are not possible at this time, using the correct technology will create the right environment for successful innovation. Video conferencing in all of its iterations is not sufficient to create the right environment for creative innovation.

Using a structured process to first challenge the thinking of teams, followed by a facilitated questioning activity will produce new thinking which can be implemented in the organisation. It is critical that the ideas are captured.

The ProMeme process will guide meeting participants through that structured thinking to create new ideas to meet specific business challenges. Our app will provide a ‘route map’ of how the thinking evolved and what influenced the team in arriving at their conclusions. This is vital for monitoring and following up on the implementation of those ideas.

The process is relevant to both small and extended teams as the technology has the necessary bandwidth to accommodate all sizes.

Lockdown has certainly not helped organisations garner the collective creativity of their personnel, however the use of the ProMeme process can not only fire up their imagination but provide a blueprint for the implementation of their ideas.

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