guy-browningGuy has extensive experience in hosting and facilitating events for some of the world’s best known organisations. As devotees of his Guardian newspaper ‘How to…’ and ‘Office Politics’ columns know, he is one of the wittiest and astute observers of business life around.

If you look Guy up on Wikipedia, you will find out that he combines a serious career as a business writer and consultant with books such as ‘Rewire Yourself for the New Economy’ and ‘Grass Roots Management’ with humorous books and radio shows such as the BBC Radio 4’s ‘Weak at the Top’ and ‘Small talk’.

Formerly a copywriter at DMB&B and then Creative Director at The Added Value Company, Europe’s largest Marketing Agency. Guy is the revered business guru who leads clients where other agencies fear to tread. Or have trod and rapidly disappeared!

Over the years Guy has worked on projects for Shell, Toyota, HSBC, Proctor and Gamble, PepsiCo and many others.