Highways UK 2017 was a great opportunity to demonstrate how ProMeme can help the Highways industry. Many of the companies we spoke with could really see the need for help with collaboration which was a major theme of all our conversations.

The current model is changing and needs to focus on outcomes to make peoples life better. ProMeme can break the barriers to change; creating trust, fostering collaborative behaviours, focus investment and diversify thought. With ProMeme we can help teams “work together to improve people’s lives”

To achieve this people are key, how they operate and engage. Alignment and collaboration is critical. As one tier one contractor said, “We need to join our people up together. If we were to sum up what is required in one word it would be talk”. So we did…

We had a fruitful conversation with Highways England and we are actively setting up follow-up meetings with a number of consultancies who really understood how ProMeme can help.

Whilst at Highways UK we received great feedback from the organisers and participants from the Silverstone event back in March for England’s Economic Heartland where ProMeme captured the thoughts of 200 collaborators. We hope to be helping the Heartland in the future to achieve their bold target.

To find out more information on how ProMeme can help your innovation effort, please contact steve@promeme.net